DDP Supply focus on maritime industry with wide range of products and services to provide the best solution for Your inquiry.

Our success is based on experience and extensive knowledge gained on product procurement worldwide. Independent of any brand, with an experienced team in place, we see our primary role to focus on growing the business while assuring our customers that they will continue to receive personalized service for their requests and delivery orders. Our skilled team include commercial & technical orientated staff, engineers and logistics professionals.


Materials and equipment for maritime

DDP Supply is your reliable partner when base materials, technical equipment, machinery and component spare parts for ocean going vessels and offshore platforms are being called for.

Delivery in a timely manner is as important as ensuring transport to the place of destination being arranged without delays. We offer full 24/7 service of procurement at competitive prices and services beyond.

The range of our sales include plates, profiles, pipes and fittings, valves, level controls, flowmeters, instrumentation, cables and electrical components. Furthermore pumps, compressors, hydraulic systems components, filters and deck equipment.


Fast. Reliable. Competitive.

Experience has proven that customers gladly return once they feel their requests are handled with care and attention.

Our relations to manufacturers and suppliers are kept intensively, allowing us to reply with remarkable prices and availability. The daily challenges are handled with utmost care and an emphasis is kept on replying at short notice, allowing our customers to make decisions and scheduling correspondingly.

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